wholesale price index

/ˌhəυlseɪl 'praɪs ˌɪndeks/ noun
an index showing the rises and falls of prices of manufactured goods as they leave the factory

Dictionary of banking and finance. 2015.

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  • wholesale price index — UK US noun [C, usually singular] (ABBREVIATION WPI) ECONOMICS ► a list of some basic wholesale prices that shows how they change over time, used to measure inflation: »Year on year inflation, measured by the wholesale price index, is currently 3% …   Financial and business terms

  • wholesale price index —  measure of changes in the prices charged by manufacturers and wholesalers. Wholesale price indexes measure the changes in commodity prices at a selected stage or stages before goods reach the retail level; the prices may be those charged by… …   Universalium

  • wholesale price index — noun an index of changes in wholesale prices • Syn: ↑producer price index • Hypernyms: ↑price index, ↑price level * * * noun : an index measuring the change in the aggregate wholesale price of a large number of commodities in the primary market… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Wholesale price index — A Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is the price of a representative basket of wholesale goods. Some countries (like India and The Philippines) use WPI changes as a central measure of inflation. However, India and the United States now report a… …   Wikipedia

  • wholesale price index — A statistical measure compiled monthly which compares the price changes of a large group of commodities (weighted by their erfative importance) to prices in a base year. See also consumer price index producer price index …   Black's law dictionary

  • wholesale price index — See producer price index …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • wholesale price index — Fin a governmentcalculated index of wholesale prices, indicative of inflation in an economy …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • wholesale price index — UK / US noun [singular] economics a list of the wholesale prices of some basic goods, used as a way of measuring economic activity …   English dictionary

  • wholesale price index — /ˌhəυlseɪl praɪs ˌɪndeks/ noun an index showing the rises and falls of prices of manufactured goods as they leave the factory …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • Wholesale Price Index - WPI — An index that measures and tracks the changes in price of goods in the stages before the retail level. Wholesale price indexes (WPIs) report monthly to show the average price changes of goods sold in bulk, and they are a group of the indicators… …   Investment dictionary

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